Maternal Mental Health

This is not how I thought it would be....

Did you see other people around you having kids and 'loving every second of it'? Did you see celebrities on social media sharing photos of their fun days out, the lovely holidays and the cute adorable outfits they've dressed their kids in? 

Did you see all that, and wonder what you're doing wrong because this is not what you expected? 

I distinctly remember being fresh out of hospital after my son was born and trying to smile through my very first midwife visit at home. I was in agony from a caesarean birth, I was desperately sleep deprived and most importantly, I was internally asking myself 'what had I done?' My midwife sent everyone out of the room, including my son and just sat with ME. She encouraged me to just be whatever I needed to be in that moment and then asked me a question I needed to hear so badly - 'did you wish you'd of got a dog instead?' I burst into tears and laughter at the same time. She got me. She knew exactly what I needed to hear and I've never felt so free and accepted for being authentically me in that moment. She didn't judge me, she accepted me for being the brand new and exhausted me that I was, and I have never forgotten her. 

She left my house that day and I never saw her again, but she left a mark on me that planted a seed to ensure I would at some point, do the same for other parents that needed that same kindness. 

So here I am, giving you that space to be ok with perhaps wishing you'd have got a dog instead but understanding that of course, you adore your child(ren) but acknowledge that parenting is by far the hardest thing you've ever done. There is no judgement, just kindness and an opportunity to explore whatever you need to in that moment.