Pregnancy Loss and Infant Death

A loss like no other...

Losing a child is something that no person should have to experience. Yet 15% of pregnancies in the UK end in miscarriage. 1 in 250 babies are stillborn.  A staggering 5000 terminations happen each year due to foetal anomalies. 

No matter the gestation, your baby existed and your pain is no less valid than any other loss. 

There is a huge array of emotions that come with the loss of a child. Anger, sadness, denial, numb...this list is endless. 

Then on top of all the feelings, people simply don't know how to talk to you. They don't know what to say. People fear making you feel worse. When in actual fact, you might just need to just be. Words might not need to be spoken. Just sitting with someone and holding their hand and simply saying nothing can be so incredibly powerful. 

I have completed training with the incredible charity Sands on working with all people impacted by the loss of a child. This includes birthing people, partners, grandparents and anyone else who feels they need to speak to someone.